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Spirituality is the back bone of guaranteed happiness

When I talk about spirituality, I do not mean religion all mean is people being in alignment with their essence, their real selves. There should be a connection between a man's a man's soul, his heart, his mind, actions and his real essence which will lead to overall consistency in every aspect of such's life. The effect of this is a good sense of self-esteem which steams from acceptance of who we are, also, it will lead to a deeper connection with others thereby meeting the need for belonging and lead ultimately to self-actualization.


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  • Jan 25 2012: Fountain,

    I feel, i understand the essence of your question.

    Allow me to confuse you..

    I saw a film called Bronson. Its about one of the most famous prisoners in UK. This guy found/believed that his true self was being a criminal. He was happy to be one. The prison was like a hotel to him. Its an interesting experience to watch this film as far as being true to your real self is concerned.

    If spirituality, means only that much, then yes, i guess it may keep a guy content/satisfied. But, it may or may not lead to to a deeper connection with others, as you asked. It depends if one's true-self is aligned with others-self also.

    If spirituality also includes the acceptance of self and others and also acceptance of a constant change in ourselves, others and environment, then also it may keep one happy.

    The challenge here is in understanding three words... spirituality, real-self and happiness. All of them mostly remain undefined/evolving.

    Your problems do not end here. If you take a scientific approach, you may find that science, psychology & philosophy, which try to "prove/define/label" make you feel that now you know, but, very next day there's a new discovery in these things which leaves you blank again. So these things are also evolving and at times quite a contrast to their previous definition.

    Guarantee? It depends on all above mentioned variables and much more.

    Now, allow me to simplify it..


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