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President, Student Representative Council of UOWD, University of Wollongong in Dubai


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Spirituality is the back bone of guaranteed happiness

When I talk about spirituality, I do not mean religion all mean is people being in alignment with their essence, their real selves. There should be a connection between a man's a man's soul, his heart, his mind, actions and his real essence which will lead to overall consistency in every aspect of such's life. The effect of this is a good sense of self-esteem which steams from acceptance of who we are, also, it will lead to a deeper connection with others thereby meeting the need for belonging and lead ultimately to self-actualization.


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    Jan 25 2012: Dear Fountain,
    I think/feel that people sometimes get "stuck" with certain words that s/he may feel comfortable with. People CAN be in alignment with themselves and others, connected with heart, mind and actions, consistent, accepting, confident, feeling like we belong, self actualized, balanced, having self-knowledge, happy, content, mindfull, aware AND it doesn't matter what we call this state of "being". Why is it so important to label it? Why can we not understand and accept that many people may have different terms for the very same feelings/actions/reactions/life experiences? We are all more the same than different, and there is this constant need to seperate us into different catagories....why? Giving a "way of life" a name, is not a guarantee of happiness or anything else...in my humble opinion.
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      Jan 25 2012: Dear Colleen,
      I think the label I gave to it is part of my research, where people decide to refuse or accept a concept that is true just because of the name it is called.
      The name of that state of being is not the concern of the research, the concern is helping people attain that state of awareness.
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        Jan 25 2012: You "think" the label is part of your research? I see. Once we label something, however, we limit ourselves. If a topic is already labeled, how is it open to "research"?

        You are "researching" how people will respond to your statement..."Spirituality is the back bone of guaranteed happiness"?

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