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Does human social evolution originate more from established governments and special interest groups or from grassroots movements?

What is the actual avenue of human social evolution towards our highest ideals? Many seem to expect it to be handed to them by "experts" or government or small groups of people (or even individuals) with an agenda. I wonder if all true social evolution/change originates through conditions and emotions and experiences on the ground by "common" people and further if institutions and interest group, experts and so on are only figureheads of intention that already exists long before it gets to them. In other words does the dog wag the tail or does the tail wag the dog?


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  • Feb 13 2012: I would have to say that social evolution happens a lot more at the grassroots level. Grassroots movements, after all, are intended to challenge the current social status quo. Without these movements, and the change that comes along with them, there would be no social evolution.

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