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Putting all the worlds knowledge into something we can build and copy that benefits all. A construction manual for a self-regulating city.

Imagine we would have made contact with a species that is further developed than our own. Now they gave us a construction manual for a self-sufficient, self-regulating city, in which no question of what is required and who has to do what and for how long in order to build it is unanswered. A construction manual, that functions as a platform for creative freedom.

What would such a construction manual look like?

One perfectly thought through city unit could provide for 100,000 people and if the population raises, then simply another unit would need to be added.

The key idea here is, to put all the worlds knowledge into a copyable construction manual, to which everyone could contribute and which would function as the practical actualization of all the worlds knowledge.

This construction manual could be ever simplified and all the worlds’ knowledge could be integrated within it, in order to secure the basic needs of the people who live in a city unit at all times, what ever crisis may arise. And the best thing about it is, that you could give this construction manual to any country in the world to build a fully working city right from scratch, which does not limits potential, but which is a secure foundation from which the citizens can build further.

The construction manual would consider different environments, different soils and the various techniques to make the soil useable again, just about everything of our knowledge we have today could be included, so various techniques, to make it even simpler, easier to read and to understand for everyone who gets the construction manual for a self-sufficient, self-regulating city unit into their hands.

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    Jan 25 2012: An truly interesting idea. It sounds well suited to a collaborative effort (ala Wikipedia). If you are looking for a home to start such a project please consider