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Which video game has challenged your perspective on the way you live your life and how?

The video game I credit is a role playing game called Final Fantasy 7.

The conflict of the game begins immediately. As you play the story unfolds and you learn of a corporation that is extracting 'Mako Energy' from the planet by means of giant reactors. This 'Mako Energy' is then converted into electricity that is used in the city surrounding the reactors. It is a lucrative business. As a player, you begin the game with your character being directly involved in a vigilante terrorist group; a group whose goal is to destroy these 'Mako Reactors'.
Though the character you play cares little for the goals of his group (your character's main interest is making money), you continue to be involved in these vigilante missions. As time progresses in the game (meaning you complete more story-line) your character learns that 'Mako Energy' is found in all of the creatures and plants that inhabit the game's world. When a life ends this 'Mako Energy' flows back into the planet. It is then recycled by the planet and used to create new life. You understand that the extraction of 'Mako Energy' will result in the disabling of the planet's ability to support new life, and it also means that the planet is itself a living thing (as a player you can visit a place in the game and hear the planet itself making painful noises). You learn that the corporation's president is aware of these facts and is yet still planning to progress with the extraction of 'Mako Energy'.

How did this challenge my perspective?

Growing up I had been exposed to many different ideas of accountability but only at the age of 12, with the help of this compelling story, did I seriously contemplate my role in society. I wondered what kind of character I was, and what kind of character I would like to be. The story made it clear that those who act from a source of greed were ostracized from a moral society. I decided that indifference towards suffering cannot be hidden and that greed will never be satisfied.


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    Jan 28 2012: Final Fantasy X

    This was the only Final Fantasy game that I have ever played and ti was absolutely incredible. It's a long story but a very good one. The biggest impact that it had on me was that it showed me what it meant to care for others and to cherish those you care about. It was a combination of the gameplay, the story, and the music, especially the music, that had this effect.

    It has been about 6 years since I played the game, but last year I found all of the cut scenes online and I watched them again. All of the emotions I initially got from it returned and it made me very happy and nostalgic. I was listening to one of its songs on Youtube recently and I remembered a comment that I agreed with very deeply. It said "I think everyone in their lifetime should play this game. Its not just´╗┐ a video game, its an inspiration. Imagine the world leaders we would have if they were influenced by this game. People could be inspired to do the unimaginable. Square Enix and Nobuo Uematsu, i thank you for the unforgettable game and music that has without doubt made me a better person."

    I couldn't agree more with the notion that world leaders, and people in general, should play this game and experience this story just once. It opens your heart and fills it with positive emotions.
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      Jan 28 2012: Thankyou that game story was fantastic. Tidus is a well-written character.
    • Jan 30 2012: I have to second your sentiment. My eyes teared up when watching the ending cutscene.

      I believe the strength of FFX is the story and its characters. The game was set up so that you discovered Spira alongside Tidus throughout the journey and this made me feel more connected to the rest of the cast. Of course, the whole game was underscored by the inevitable final confrontation with Sin. It was a load that each character carried with them but they were still able to share a laugh and enjoy the journey despite of the sad conclusion.

      I don't think it's enough for people to play this game. They must live it. Only then can you take away what I believe is the most important word of FFX: together. Band together, sacrifice together, laugh together; only then can we have a hope of breaking they cycle of Sin.
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        Jan 30 2012: Well said Michael, thanks for your comment. You've conveyed and summarized the experience of playing FFX nicely into words.

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