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Which video game has challenged your perspective on the way you live your life and how?

The video game I credit is a role playing game called Final Fantasy 7.

The conflict of the game begins immediately. As you play the story unfolds and you learn of a corporation that is extracting 'Mako Energy' from the planet by means of giant reactors. This 'Mako Energy' is then converted into electricity that is used in the city surrounding the reactors. It is a lucrative business. As a player, you begin the game with your character being directly involved in a vigilante terrorist group; a group whose goal is to destroy these 'Mako Reactors'.
Though the character you play cares little for the goals of his group (your character's main interest is making money), you continue to be involved in these vigilante missions. As time progresses in the game (meaning you complete more story-line) your character learns that 'Mako Energy' is found in all of the creatures and plants that inhabit the game's world. When a life ends this 'Mako Energy' flows back into the planet. It is then recycled by the planet and used to create new life. You understand that the extraction of 'Mako Energy' will result in the disabling of the planet's ability to support new life, and it also means that the planet is itself a living thing (as a player you can visit a place in the game and hear the planet itself making painful noises). You learn that the corporation's president is aware of these facts and is yet still planning to progress with the extraction of 'Mako Energy'.

How did this challenge my perspective?

Growing up I had been exposed to many different ideas of accountability but only at the age of 12, with the help of this compelling story, did I seriously contemplate my role in society. I wondered what kind of character I was, and what kind of character I would like to be. The story made it clear that those who act from a source of greed were ostracized from a moral society. I decided that indifference towards suffering cannot be hidden and that greed will never be satisfied.


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    Shean F

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    Jan 27 2012: -FF7 is a great game one of my favorites; the storyline keeps you hooked, it´s just great, the game touches many aspects of life.

    There´s the balance, in nature, on our planet, how we have a planet with finite resources which if not properly taken care of, we will destroy ourselves and our home (mako energy and the planet). But if taken care of it can be infinite since nature recycles everything, there is no such thing as garbage. So it really makes you have an interest for our planet and its resources, probably while you´re playing you don´t realize it, but at a subconscious level the game is feeding it into you, it´s giving you positive values. Years pass and when you look back at the game and analyze the storyline you realize “wow”

    That we´re all connected, the life cycle, how we´re all ONE. We´re all made out of the same material. (We´re all stardust) How one dying being is energy for new born beings.

    It has a bit of politics, with the Shinra industry, which operates as the de facto world government how these corporations control and do whatever they want for their own selfish needs, at the expense of others (the slums under the mako reactors & control the military for their needs – reminds me of most wars of history, the interest of a few millions die ) .

    Following up on this, how there´s conspiracy and lies, when they blame the rebel organization AVALANCHE for the explosions (which is true), making them look bad, and be hunted down when they´re actually the good guys trying to make a change, make things right (even though in a extreme manner but sometimes change must be done with this attitude, I’m not saying blow up stuff you don´t like but to take action when you don´t agree with something that is in no question of doubt WRONG). Later in the game the Shinra causes a terrorist attack blaming Avalanche killing a whole sector (neighborhood) (reminds me of 9-11) Not to believe everything that you are told.
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      Jan 28 2012: It was interesting to see a bit from the perspective of Shinra Corporation and how these characters were struggling to create their utopia.

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