Aadesh Neupane

Student computer engg, Kathmandu University

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To create a Robot like humans then it should be able to learn by observing nature and understand it.

We humans and other animals are able to survive in the environment since we learn things by observing.For example, a young lion learns to hunt by observing the techniques used by other lions.So to create a future robot with AI like human than it must be able to grasp things like we living beings do.
Today robot exists that can respond to us by parsing our voice commands and other method.But they can't perform what they are not programmed to do.Suppose a robot is programmed to walk with two legs but it can't or won't try to walk with one leg balancing it body weight though its one of the leg might be damaged.But we animals can do what ever we need to in order survive this world.
So we can build a smarter robot and smarter world by letting the robot to learn by itself.