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IS Casteism still a racism ?? Does it still affects the human race?

Community is always conceived as caste community, resulting in social distance and the discrimination and subjugation of the lower castes in all spheres of life.The tussle over 'caste and race' has continued for years.Are the Caste and race are not the same?Why do we discrimination on the basis of one's birth?

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    Jan 24 2012: 'Are the Caste and race are not the same?'
    To some degree you could consider them interchangable, atleast due to their equal asininity and imprudence. Also because many of the scenarios that demonstrate casteism just so happen to be synonymous with what we would observe as racism.

    'Why do we discrimination on the basis of one's birth?'
    The short answer is that its because human beings aren't as civilized and enlightened as they typically believe, merely considering themselves to be 'better' just because some of them happen to be slightly ahead of others in a small number of arbitrarily defined characeristics, most evolving solely from the fact that those they discriminate against didn't have the same opportunities...Because of racism and casteism.
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      Jan 24 2012: Thanks Xavier....I would quote that time has come for a confession and acceptance of our frailties and to move forward at all costs and not resist any attempt to improve our mindset and accept the truth about our attitude towards others of a different race or a caste.
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    Jan 25 2012: Is casteism racism? No. Caste is discrimination based on caste and racism is discrimination based on skin color or race.

    Both casteism and racism are both a form of prejudice. The root of casteism and racism is the same, and the effects of these two forms of prejudice are similar. Its human nature to some extent to discriminate against something or someone who is 'different' but why do we persist with these forms of prejudiced in light of research that shows that all human beings are essentially the same I am not certain.

    I do think that we have reached a point where people are actively questioning prejudiced. People are being exposed to others from different backgrounds more and more and they are beginning to realize that all people are fundamentally the same regardless of caste/race/religion, etc. However, we still have a long way to go.