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Population control

How long can we sustain uncontrolled population growth?

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    Jan 24 2012: Today NPR had a report on population explosion in the poorest countries of the world. Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam were mentioned. Uncontrolled growth in the first two countries. Vietnam was selling food (rice) the the first two countries where women had 16 children (4 had died leaving 12) to live on $7 a day. When asked if she would have a choice to do it over again she wanted only 2 children. Birth control was not available and the Catholic church threatened anyone who would advocate birth control with "we will bury you". THAT IS YOUR GENTLE AND SUPPORTIVE CATHOLIC CHURCH???
    Somebody needs to tell the pope to get off his ass and preach birth control or we will have a really big war on our hands.
    A few well placed tsunamis and/or earthquakes by Mother Nature could help as well.
    I am bringing this up to state that humanity cannot continue to grow like this and expect all people to be fed and live as they deserve. As the catholic church is so powerful it would be a wise and gentle decision to preach and allow birth control as is done in most/all western countries. Islam of course should be next or first??
    If you tell me we must grow more food then I will tell you we are running out of water and space to grow it.
    Another solution of course would be Soylent Green................:((
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      Jan 24 2012: What about establishing a system that would generate more money into these countries? There seems to be a correlation between income and the amount of children that one has.

      Educational opportunities may also provide a great service being that it would allow for people to realize the economic, personal and environmental impact of their decisions.

      You are right that the Catholic church has the influence and power to be of service but as long as the worlds major monotheistic religions are unwilling to allow modernity to flourish, this is an issue that is going to continue so I do not think religion, as well as government are willing to change how things are.
    • Jan 24 2012: Gerot
      I am sorry, but have you ever seen real people live's destroyed in the types of disasters you mention? That is not wishing population control, but genocide to of course "the poorest" We wouldn't want a tsunami now in California would we?; better, Indonesia, the Philippines or Vietnam.
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    Jan 26 2012: I'm not sure Gernot. I suspect we have not been sustaining it for some time now. On and off. here and there.
    Famine disease, war are signs of this.
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    Jan 26 2012: Right you are.
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    Jan 26 2012: Jamie, I only know what I read and that is that we have added 1 billion people in the last - what - 20 years. We are running out of space, food, and water.
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      Jan 26 2012: Have a look at the Demographic Transition Model. I am not saying we are not in trouble, it does however offer interesting insight into how growth slows.

      A great deal of the world does not have control of its own resources, rather the developed countries do.The growth of these countries is dependent on what the developed world does.To assume some developing countries will explode in numbers is naive, it takes quite a few circumstances to produce this and also sustain this.Not dismissing your idea, just further exploring areas of it.

      PS- Land and Water shortages are a big concern. I believe it will require some serious mangement, we can do all we can, we are still however at the mercy of nature with that one.

      The immediate future predicts that;
      India will Flood
      Egypt will experience draught
      Australia will experience declining food production
      Great Britain will experience greater food production.

      Food for thought, no pun intended. :-)
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    Jan 26 2012: What is your definition of "uncontrolled"? Have you seen the Demographic Transition Model for population growth?
  • Jan 24 2012: That is an intriguing question and not one that can be easily answered without a large scale practical test.
    Generally, populations do not rise smoothly and fall smoothly, they rise exponentially and fall precipitously.
    We are currently running that test now on the earth.
    I would suggest that the number would be the population of the earth just prior to the point where it reverses and falls like a rock.
    We're not there yet.
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    Jan 24 2012: All I can say is wait until China and eventually India have first class lives. The energy consumption required for that may not be possible. Therein lies the struggle for resource control. Regardless of the finite amount of resources on this earth.It is the manipulation and control of them plus governement policy that ultimately holds the answer to your question.

    After that, its a matter for technology.