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'TEDfriend/colleague finder' - Your opinion required.

As a long standing member/follower of the TED world, I've seen dozens of great ideas put forth each month, both by its speakers and the users of this forum.
However, this raises an issue..
Many of the ideas never see the light of day or eventually fail to take off, not because of any impassible reason, rather due to several slight issues that I will explain further on..

Another issue is that many of us appear to be isolated from fellow TED-like equals; Alot of us unable to find friends, colleagues, partnerships and groups of people who share our ideals and ambitions within our local regions, Leaving most of us restricted to this site (for example) where our connections are usually limited to brief conversations with like-minded individuals..but located impractical distances away; Not an ideal situation for those who require others to put their 'ideas worth spreading' into action.

For this I came up with a potential solution.
A dating-style website, but focused on finding like minded individuals within your local region, whether it be for :
Making friends who share your ideals
Forming think-groups
Entrepreneur groups to help form and progress a business venture
Support groups
Political groups
etc etc.

As stated earlier, a key issue as to why many great ideas never get off the ground is due to the lack of help and/or
Available support
People with similar goals, enthusiasm
or Partnerships
that are required to get things moving, therefore having like minded people who can provide such help and interest will significantly improve the chance of success in the areas that matter AND will also allow the help to extend in both directions.

This would certainly require some TED promotions to provide enough 'friend seekers' to make it viable, but I would be more than willing to setup an appropriate site or allow others to do so that would fulfill this requirement.
Afterall, how valuble is an idea that can't be put into practice?..



Closing Statement from Xavier Belvemont

Now that we've received enough of a response (almost all constructive and positive), we will soon present our idea to TED officially and see if we can make this idea worth spreading, become a reality.
Thankyou to everyone for your comments and interest.

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    Jan 26 2012: Hi Xavier!

    Awesome idea here. Sign me up. How can I help? I function best working with others on a "vision" or even a most small local project. Makes it fun and I get energized from the interaction. And will imseemyou in Edinburgh oe later on when I visit London ? ( I like how you compare this with a "dating site" which I've done for some years but here we will hopefully find lots of other 'soulmates' with whom to collaborate ( or have fun with!).
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      Jan 26 2012: Hello Lee.
      Well we're not entirely sure how things will go as yet, as TED would have to play a large role in the advertising (and possibly being a sister site of TED) in order to work. So if TED agrees then decisions will be made from there on who will help and how etc etc.

      'And will imseemyou in Edinburgh oe later on when I visit London ?'
      Unfortunately I couldn't possibly be further from both of those locations and with the selling of my car --there isn't really a practical way to make this a localized project for both of us outside of moderating the theoretical website online....Kind of validates my point on the necessity of my idea, unfortunately.

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