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Basic income to integrate the worlds children into our current social-economical system and give them an equal opportunity to contribute.

What do you like most of all things?

- To me it is life, it is everyone and just about everything that is fun.

What do children usually wish for?

- It is everyone to be happy and to have fun.

How can we make sure, that everyone is happy and has fun continuously, not just today or tomorrow, but in the future?

- By granting everyone born in this world a continuously basic income, just enough for everyone on earth to buy the basic goods they need to live. Otherwise those children, who are left out never get the opportunity to be part of our world, to contribute to it and to unfold there potential.

How do we implement and establish such a basic income for every child on earth?

- We voted for political parties, who are suggesting new laws of how money is regulated and then they vote for the option they most agree to and what they agree to usually should reflect what you agree to, because they represent what you would vote for, that’s why you voted for them, to make decisions which represent your own decisions!

So demand from those who represent yourself; your political party to vote for a basic income for the children in our society, just enough, that they have an equal opportunity to live a good life one day or even get the chance to unfold there full potential and to contribute to our world.

The main argument is that we leave no-one out of our social-economical system and support and help the children and families, who have nothing at the moment, by integrating them into our society through a basic income.

  • Jan 24 2012: I agree with your overall idea that every child should have a happy life.

    In particular I think each child needs is to be taken care of by someone who will provide basic needs and more, whether their parents, foster parents or organizations. Children do not need money but they have basic needs and hopefully we can also provide them with environment that allows them to grow intellectually.

    Everyone can vote but also can start to made an immediate impact by sponsoring a child. cheers
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