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Videoing campaign speeches, viewing and then discussing the issues here on TED. All of them (not repeats of the same speech)

This will help eliminate sound bytes taken out of context and also provide a place for healthy discussion in order to promote a better understanding of what each candidate is saying. In fact this should be done globally so we understand the issues of other countries more clearly.

I'm not techy so I hope I will learn a few new things from you.

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    Jan 23 2012: I suggest a website dedicated soley to your idea. Include call-outs for factual analysis. Do it!
    • Jan 24 2012: Yes Do it.

      However this is not a job for me, a person who can barely hunt and peck on the keyboard, This is a job for an internet media specialist. This is a job for you young people who can put this kind of thing together in your spare time. The right tool for the job is a metaphor that always seems to be true. So please, Do It. You will improve my ability to make a better choice.

      None of that was really directed at you, Lynn, unless you are an internet media specialist. It struck me as a good idea while I was watching some videos thinking how much clearer the concepts are when I here ideas from different points of view of the same topics.
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    Jan 23 2012: good idea, except 90% does not care. the 90% that really would need such analysis.
    • Jan 24 2012: I agree, 90% Don't care. I am a 'cynical optimist' as well. (cynical optimism, I think I just invented a new philosophy. haha) I would like a clearer analysis of each persons speech so when I go vote I am more informed as to what they are saying. I realize what they are saying is bullshit and glitter, whatever song and dance it takes to get elected, so I want to make sure we all have a chance to break down their persuasive arguments into specific points. Maybe then we the people can draw up a contract based on each candidates own promises. I don't know, something like that. What do you think?
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        Jan 24 2012: well, if it primarily for yourself, you can find material on the internet with a little research. the thing is, i think it is impossible to analyze a speech or position without a framework, and frameworks are different. i recommend to find blogs, and see which one is working with you.

        honestly, i think you can learn much more that way than asking the ted community. sadly.
        • Jan 24 2012: I disagree here Krisztian. There is to much information on the internet. I can find information that supports and disputes every subject. How is this helping me to make an informed decision. All of you are at the mercy of the same information overload. So this idea is not just for me because many people are voting on subjects they have no business voting on. I have said this before; What am I ever going to know about nuclear power plant safety? How many registered voters really understand the healthcare system issues? How many times has Congress voted on bills, the size of San Francisco s phone book, in a week or less?

          We all need better, peer reviewed, information. When we have that we will all be able to make a more informed choice.

          I'm not sure I follow about the framework, so I can't say I agree or disagree there, and I agree with you about the TED community.

          However, that was helpful to me in deciding my position on what was just another vote on some acronym and probably just some mud slinging campaign slogan anyway. I would have been wrong to just leave it at that.

          I think this idea would shine a light right at the candidates, exposing what they hide in the shadows.