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The masterminds behind the TED website add 'My TED Network' to the Attendee profile page.

There are so many fantastic people in the TED Community. It would be great if we could TAG the profiles of Tedsters that we know or that we would like to meet.Tagging could be private. The tagger could select if they want to alert the tagee, and tagee could decide if they want to be alerted when they have been tagged. This would not appear on their profile...maybe it would. The system will store these profiles over time, as each member builds the network of Tedsters they already know, and those they would like to know. There are so many people I would like to meet, and 'My TED Network' would make keeping track of them all so much easier. Does this already exist, and I just haven't found it yet?

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    Jan 23 2012: TED is seriously lacking in functionality. i wonder if they can add a useful social networking functionality, being unable to change the 3-limited depth in conversations.

    TED as an idea worth spreading: A. TED as a website: F.