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Why do we sell ourselves so badly?

I have just finished being part of a team of interviewers for a major corporation and the main thing I noticed was that people in general do a poor job of selling themselves even when give the opportunity and encouragement to do so. It seems like a built in system that stops us from being our own best promoter and we default to putting on the brakes. Why is this? Are we hard wired to default to self destruction instead of self promotion?


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      Jan 23 2012: I agree Richard...we CAN do better:>)
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      Jan 25 2012: I think you have taken the interpretation too literally Richard, I realise that we all perceive things differently but however we look at it we sell our selves every day we must of course chose a dialogue that suits our sense of right. Can we do better? Of course that's why I started this thread, My hope for everyone is to have the best life they possibly can however that may take some salesmanship in order to get some of that life.
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      Jan 25 2012: Another point Richard (Incidentally I think you have a very good point) but you are selling yourself right now in that you have taken the time to express your opinion. My assumption is that you have participated actively in this discussion in order to be heard (and rightly so) call it what yo will but you are selling us on the idea that we should read your point of view.

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