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Reinventing the resume

So today's task that has resulted in procrastinating on TED has been reading resumes.

I'm not sure whose bad idea the standard resume/cover letter format was but I'd like to slap that person.

Resumes don't tell potential employers what they need to know about you, which isn't just what you have learned and done in the past. I need to know why you did what you did and how well you did it. I need to know about your personality and whether you are a self-starter, whether you generate new ideas, whether you are going to be happy in the position I am filling and get along with the rest of the team. Can you work productively from home? etc.

What can we do to re-think the resume?


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  • Jan 26 2012: the items you are looking for are more often found out in the interview. behavorial based interview work the best that i have found. it show past present and future traits of the person. unforturily resumes tend to be borning. key points i look for is longgevity, education, and if they have extra type of activitys. these help on if they are someone that strives for things. most often the really good people still have jobs, most are not looking that is where head hunters are good. What would be nice is if people could post unconvential type of resumes on a site like I have a job in management, our company continues to grow, I like horseback riding, married with kids, 6 foot tall, large, played football, wresting, placed at states, volunteered and coached youths. did work for goodwill for severail years, will work for steak dinners and nice vactions, hours are not a problem, great leader, type A presonalliy, live in michigan don't want to move unless the pay is great. will learn new job if training avaible, no degree but some college.
    ps I think this could be a new web site if you or any one else startes it just make sure i get a kick back. i just need the modavation and maybe ill start it.
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      Jan 26 2012: I agree that much of this is often discovered in interviews. Unfortunately, faced with a stack of resumes, only a small percentage of people get to the interview stage in the order of 10%.

      I think Linked In is rapidly becoming the site where exactly what you described takes place. Have you tried it?

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