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Psychological guidance can help mothers reduce child malnutrition in developing countries

If children are not hungry, why are they malnourished. Economic growth does not seem to have a great impact on reducing child malnutrition and neither does simply an expansion of state services, for example, in India. Poor mothers often have to make a lot of choices. What should they buy. How much they need to save. How much to invest. This puts a lot of pressure on them to feed a healthy, nutritious and economical diet for their children. They need to be guided on how to make the best choices.

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    Jan 22 2012: and educate them on how not to have children when they can barely feed themselves..
  • Jan 23 2012: But dont you think that is infringing on one's basic rights? The women may not even have a choice. For instance, giving women a contraceptive in the presence of their husband has been shown to have no effect on fertility but where the husband is not told, they are able to reduce it.