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Is Animal Experimenting morally acceptable?

Animals have the right to be treated as beings of value in themselves, not as the means to human ends; this principle must be applies in order to guarantee the end of cruelty to animals. The application of this principle means that animals should never be experimented upon whatever the potential gain for humanity. To infect monkeys with the AIDS virus or to expose rodents to toxic chemicals and radiation is simply not acceptable, whatever the supposed benefits


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    Feb 13 2012: Hi, Vicky, glad to meet u here~
    In my understanding, moral is not so well-defined strictly as law like,to anybody the law there is unchangeable in agivenperiod,but moral can be show as different understanding in different peoples‘ mind,so to me the animal experimenting maybe acceptable but to u maybe not。The morl itself doesn't decide whether acceptable or not,the decision is in hands of people in different conditions,if someone‘s friends or relatives...suffer the pain of disease like AIDS which until now have not resolved in the medical area,he or she may accept that experimenting things,because that’s a indispensable way to test the effect of new medicine,after all,the friends or relatives is most important than animal to him or her!

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