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Can playground equipment be rigged up to generators/ dynamos to harvest energy that a school could then use?

Imagine a roundabout in a school playground that gets played on for about two hours a day. Underneath the centre could there be a dynamo gathering the electricity and storing it? It could be used to power night lights, or other temporary lighting (such as toilets, hallways etc). Dynamos could be attached to swings too. We could even design playground equipment for this purpose where children have to lift, pull, turn, spin, rotate objects or handles during play.

I'm calling it "Active Electricity". Cheesy tag line; "Harnessing the Energy of Youth"!

Is this a feasible idea? Does anyone want to help make it a reality? What challenges would there be to this being successful?


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    Jan 22 2012: If I owned a gym, I'd have already devised a way to plug into every stairmaster and stationary bike so as not to have a single electric bill and perhaps even to power my entire block.
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      Jan 23 2012: Sounds like you need to take ownership of a gym! I think there is a slight problem with some of the machines you mention using a lot of electricity while in use (for tv screens, monitoring etc). You could go for a "no frills" eco gym where machines create electricity rather than use it. No screens, just simple speedometers like the one I had on my bike as a kid! If you sold your electricity for enough profit, membership could be free!

      Let me know when it's open, I'll come down for a run!

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