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How much do you think that dispositional optimism and emotional intelligence could influence the academic performance of highschool children

I have read a lot of studies about the influence of emotional intelligence on work-performance as well as optimisms influence on work-performance so I thought why wouldn't the same apply with children.
Do you think emotional intelligence and optimism have an influence? If yes then why do you think so? Also does anyone know any similar researches?

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    Jan 22 2012: I would expect optimism to make a student more adventurous about trying things that are strange and challenging, to be more persistent than a pessimist, and to view the errors and missteps along the way to learning in a more positive and productive light than the pessimist. I would also expect the optimist to work better in collaborative teams and therefore to gain more from interactions with teacher and peers.
    I am confident you will find research linking optimism, or self-efficacy, with achievement for students in school.