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Matthieu Miossec

Doctoral Student - Genetic Medecine (Congenital Heart Disease),


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we should use new technologies and genetic engineering to enhance human beings.

Here is an issue that has always divided people at University and therefore should bolster some interesting debate on TED. Interestingly the debates we've had were sparked by Aubrey De Grey's TEDtalk back when TED was new to us. So this in a way is bringing a debate back to its place of origin.

I have my personal opinion on the matter but I will withold it until I've heard some arguments for and against.

Other issues that can be raised in the debate is the extent to which it should be allowed, solutions to problems arising from it and the societal consequences of such a shift.

So where does everyone stand on this issue?


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    Mar 5 2011: Humanoid new terminolgy it is about our next generation of human will be hydbird with machine

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