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Purple-colored mustard (in purple containers)

Marketed to kids, or parents of kids, that buy mustard. Some would like it, some would not. I imagine a purple mustard container would stand out on the shelves next to the yellow ones, and curious, outgoing, open-minded people, or anyone for that matter, would mention it to at least one person they knew because it was different, remarkably so. Then again, it could be off-putting. The brand name Pustard comes to mind, and that sounds unappealing, but still different. A time and place for everything.


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  • Jan 28 2012: Do you remember Heinz coloured ketchups (including green ketchup)? They were failures because of artificial colourings are off-putting, let alone blatantly obvious ones and with such a "natural" craze currently happening in food products I doubt re-introducing complementary coloured condiments will be successful, at least in this decade.

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