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Facebook like sharing and learning for healthcare

There is a lot of health information available but no real and reliable, accessible and actionable health data. In today’s scenario if one had a medical query (for e.g. what is the cure for tendonitis), one would start with a google search and come across multiple websites offering basic to specific information which is disorganized, unstructured, difficult to manage and even difficult to validate. The end result of the query currently depends on the perseverance, patience and competency of the user to navigate the information generated by the query. The resulting conclusions drawn by the user is inconsistent and in most cases leaves users with more questions than answers. In all cases, users are left to the mercy of their current health service providers.
What we found in our quest is that after the initial readings, all the information on the web is too generic and hard/impossible for non-medical people like us to infer anything useful from it. There were lot of forums and blogs which described what people were going through, but it was not always complete information or structured enough for us to piece their journeys together.
From such personal experiences was born the idea of myMEDistry, the goal of which is to help people around the globe capture their medical journeys in a structured manner to help others easily find them and more importantly use them. We believe such sharing of real world experiences makes it possible to collaborate in a global level and make breakthroughs in newer treatments possible.
Come, join myMEDistry BETA today and help us make a difference in the global healthcare experiences. Also, provide us feedback as we are working on the next version based on all your feedback


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  • Jan 22 2012: Thanks for the comments Armistral. Privacy has been an open consideration for us while we were talking to users. We totally understand the inhibitions that people may face while sharing their medical journey. We have addressed it here on our blog http://www.mymedistry.com/sharing and hope it eases some of the fears.
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      Jan 22 2012: That is excellent that you have thought about and are addressing this. I hope MyMedistry goes big and gets lots of content/activity. I can imagine many uses and directions for sharing this kind of information for healers and those that need healing. I signed up (even though I don't have much to share yet)!

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