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Is a two-party system the most effective form of government for the United States and, if not, what should we replace it with?

Our democracy seems to be held captive by corporate America and its legislative subsidiaries, the Democratic and Republican parties. For whatever reason, the people seem to embrace this system. Personally, I think the American people as a whole would be better off if we were represented in Congress by true representatives of the people, that is, a House and Senate made up of independent average working-class American citizens -- passionate, ethical, open-minded, and hard-working members from our local communities with no strong ties to big business or moneyed special interests.

  • Jan 23 2012: That can be achieved by never voting for anyone with a net worth greater than your own and who's past contains at least as many mistakes as yours. The tendency seems to be to vote for the person we'd like to believe we are or can be. This results in an almost complete falsification of who the candidate is and what he believes, if he believes in anything. We don't vote for people, we vote for people-like conceptualizations.
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    Feb 13 2012: Direct Democracy is the answer.....plain and simple! Representative Democracy is a breeding ground for corruption. I don't want anyone to speak my mind for me. We are facing too many incredibly important issues these days to filter anyone's voice out of the process. We are looking at the results of the two-party system and noone would doubt that it has HUGE flaws.
    With technology quickly spreading around the world, it won't be long until every living being has the ability to communicate with everyone else and now is the time to design and implement a means for everyone to be heard.
    Sure, it'll be difficult, there'll be problems to figure out, loopholes to close but we have to move forward.
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    Jan 28 2012: forgive my ignorance of the us system but is their anything stopping independants standing or other parties setting up."?
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      Feb 13 2012: The dominance of the two main parties and their ties to corporate media. Currently there's more than 20 people running for president and FAUX news drowns them out with 2 years of debates. It fools the voting population into believing that the candidates that get all the attention are the only ones running.

      Here's the list that I found...
  • Jan 26 2012: I agree Rick, we need people who are in touch with our reality and not a bunch of rich people who never had to sweat a day in their lives. We could have more parties to choose from and have the congress, house and senate made up of people representing the different parties depending on the amount of votes they got. We could concievably have five or six parties working together.
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    Jan 23 2012: I believe the people you speak of - the passionate, ethical, open-minded, and hard-working people - are in government but they are mayors and other local elected officials, especially from small towns. So, I would suggest giving back a good proportion of the power to local governments. Trust one's population! And if one doesn't, something is VERY WRONG.