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Can we constantly change our values ?

Like for example, i go to Japan, i adopt their values. I go to China, i adopt their values. I go to France, i adopt their values. Can i do that ? What will happen to me ? Can i really adopt so many values from such a different cultures ? Of course, just visiting a country doesn't necessary mean you're gonna adopt their values and culture and so on, but if i really want to, i can and i will and its not only me anybody can do it as long as he wants. So how many values can i adopt ? Can i really adopt so many values and cultures ?

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    Jan 21 2012: "When in Rome, do as the Romans"

    Is it the culture that has the values, or the people within the cultures?

    Tisho, don't you think that there are many values within one culture?

    When young, I thought all orientals loved education, and were very smart. Now as an adult I realize that was a stereotype, and not necessarily true.

    So, if I move to Japan, and I said to myself: "I want to adopt the value that the Japanese have of education", what would that mean?

    These are my thoughts. Perhaps I am not understanding your question clearly. I tried to reply the best I could.
    • Jan 22 2012: I know the people within the culture have a lot of values. Like the Japanese have their own values they follow and so on. My question was how many values can i adopt ? And what would happen with me if i adopt so many values from so many different cultures ? I'm not talking about stereotypes and so on, im talking about values. Like for examples, the koreans really treasure their parents. For them its like the emperor. They would never do or say anything impolite to their fathers. This is their value, its in their culture. So if i go to Korea and be keen to learn and learn and adopt their values i will become like them, i will treasure my parents too. Same way, Japanese and Chinese and French have their own values they treasure and follow, if i adopt all of them what would happen with me ? I feel like ill go completely insane..
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        Jan 22 2012: To answer your question: "how many values can I adopt" , possibly as many as you'd like.

        Can you have more than one particular value for treating, let's say, your parents?

        If you live in Korea, and they are polite to parents, do you treat your parents with honor when you call them long distance? And then mistreat them after you move to another country where values are different?

        I mean, I can see where a person can adopt value systems based on their exposure to multiple cultures, but there comes a time when they realize some value systems do not work, and their conscience gets in the way.

        Like, can you imagine a soldier coming back from the middle east and physically and verbally abusing their daughter after being exposed to less than desirable traditions of some of the individuals in that culture? What do you think?

        Also Tisho, I would like concrete examples. How would one go about adopting various cultural values and then go insane?

        In the global world we live in, it is easy to go shopping around for values. But you have to be careful since: "If you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything".

        I look forward to reading what others have to say. This is an interesting question that can go in many directions.

        I am at a loss for words to communicate my thoughts to you exactly, but I hope that we can continue the dialog.

        Be Well