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about speed of light

we know that speed of light is an unconquerable term in physics..light takes about 1 year to travel 9500000000000000 metres that is light year....suppose i have a needle of length 95000000000000000 metres long....suppose that one end of needle is at my hand and other end is at distance 95000000000000000 metres apart. . now if i push gently the end of needle at my hand then at the same time the other end at a distance of 95000000000000000 metres will move light has taken 1 year to travel a distance of 95000000000000000 metres..and i have made a mechanical disturbance to travel the same distance with in no time from one end of the needle to other end placed at a distance of 9500000000000000 metres apart. in other words i have made a mechanical disturbance to travel at a speed greater than light

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i got my ideas arised as i always cout scientific laws not up to mark

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    Jan 22 2012: You are saying the point of the needle at the opposite end of the needle will move instantaneously, in no time?
    Acceleration always takes time.You applied a monumental force to a needle of monumental mass and it accelerated to a certain speed in a certain amount of time. That certain amount of time will determine the distance the needle, as a single unit of mass, moves. Masses travel, disturbances, which have no mass, do not. Sorry Mr. Jan, you have not falsified Einstein's Theory.
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      Jan 24 2012: dear sir...i cannot even think of proving the great sir einsteins theory was just a confusion in my mind so i thought to share it with you....thanks for kind reply
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    Jan 22 2012: if you push one end of that needle. the movement propagates as a wave through its material. that wave not only will not be instantaneous, but it will be far slower than the speed of light. actually, that wave will travel only with the speed of sound in that material. for a metal, it is like 5000 km / s, give or take. if you displace one end of that needle, an observer 5000km away will not notice a movement for one seconds. strange world we are living in.
  • Jan 22 2012: Do not forget several issues:
    1. Not all of the relativity theory is true and some was "proven" by wrong experiments.
    2. It assumes that space and time are homogeneous and linear in nature.
    3. Light speed is actually the speed of photons, which are massless. But yet, we can measure the impact (mv) of a light wave on a black/white plate (!?)
    4. Einstein's E=mc^2 is only describing an approximation of how much potential inner kinetic energy is stored in the second level of material's structure (as we know it).

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    Jan 21 2012: its not going 95000000000000000 meters, its only gonig a few centimeters (depending on how far you push your hand out). the needle may be that long, but the needle itself did not travel that far. it only goes as far as you push it.
    you can take a regular sized needle and push it, and it will only go as far as you push it. the size of the needle doesn't matter.