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Working in IT?

I have a dilemma where my current job isn’t providing me with the career development I want. I am not ‘learning or developing’ at this company. My passion used to be I.T but it’s slowly going away. There are many reasons, first my health has declined since working there and stress is a huge factor.

To put things into context, they have this expectation that you must “know it”; therefore they just give you projects or tasks to do with that in mind. I do state that it’s alien to me and that with all the will in the world it’s going to take time and guidance to complete something.

They have no comprehension of what learning is, in fact they think learning is getting on the Internet and searching for something. They dont manage you or manage projects. Everything is done on the fly, its utter madness.

My plan is to leave once I’ve done 12months at the company (3.5 months left) and by then I should have saved up £10k and this should support me in the coming months without a job. I intend to use this time at home to study 9-5 in the .NET Framework / C# coding so that I know how to program or can understand to a better level than currently. The idea is to produce an application from design to implementation so that I can take it to a new/better prospective employer.


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    Jan 27 2012: Hey Sanjay,

    I'm in IT as a system engineer, and have been in the position where you are. My advice is the same as Douglas gave you: switch jobs. The longer you stay there, the less you'll believe that there's something better out there. Believe me, (almost) everything is better than this.

    Learn the things you don't like, take a chance you believe in once in a while (keeping a little bit of money aside isn't a bad idea, especially nowadays) and turn those things you don't like into do-likes. Never let an employer numb you down and get you demotivated. I truly believe that your health will increase once you'll become motivated again. Your body/soul is trying to give you the alarm-signal. It's clear to me that you will never grow the way you'd like to do in this organization (read: environment), for as long as you will try with all the passion still left inside of you (which will probably run lower each passing day).

    I'm curious if you find similarities to yourself in this article: http://talentdevelop.com/articles/GITW.html.
    I did, and sometimes I read it just to remember what I'd like to become, and to remember that the only person who can tell me if I'm on the right path towards it is me.

    Find out what gets you motivated in the morning to get out of bed, and thereby find out what your passion is. I know from experience that this isn't easy, but I'm sure that in the end it will be worth it. I believe that you've got the spirit of an entrepreneur and would probably excel at this at some point in the future. Use the time you still work for a boss to learn everything you don't like, and turn it into something constructive and positive. I believe you have a strong character and are a person of good will. Let no one get you down!

    Bon Voyage Fellow Stranger!!

    ps: This one was on Dutch TV this evening and is spoken in English. It was a real motivator for me. Hopefully it can do the same for you: http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/afleveringen/1236635

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