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Why do we always talk but not much do what we talk?

There are such an excellent international communication we have now. Good social tools such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. We love to debate, ask, propose, judge and give nice comments on others ideas, thoughts, or dreams. All good things, but exactly how many of us really use our social information into our real actions? I am sure not all of us. So I want to know if there is someone who is real doer here, please share your ability with us. We need to upgrade and prepare ourselves. Because I strongly believe next 30years will be the beginning of the new era to mankind. Thank you

  • Jan 21 2012: Because we are hypocrites, pretentious beings, sluggish things, or all of the above.
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      Jan 23 2012: 'We'?
      • Jan 23 2012: Every single living person. Do you want me to cite some examples?
        • Feb 1 2012: While that may be true in the beginning, that does not mean we cannot change, cannot evolve. I work everyday to better myself in atleast one small way. Over the years it has helped to change me into a more active and out reaching member of society.
      • Feb 8 2012: Nope, we cannot change the core of our nature. I am sure that you are hypocritical, assume what you do not know, or lazy at times.
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    • Feb 6 2012: To build on your statement (which is wonderful and has changed my views slightly) or to simplify it, It is part of human nature to talk things out instead of walking them out. For example you get very angry at a person and have the thought of killing them, or something along those lines.

      Just talking about your anger and how you want to kill them, but never doing anything, and eventually getting over your anger, is much better than acting on that initial impluse or thought.

      This point though is getting away from the posted statement. From my experience, those "doers" are trying to be a force for good, trying to make the world better because we need it to be better.

      Those who are the nay sayers and self-rightous, bigotted, and pretentious people are usually surly individuals who: go to their 9-5 job, pay the bills, go home, get on their computer, and use social networking to bitch about the world. This is a vast generalization and while for the most part true from my experience, not an all encompassing truth.

      The point is, these people arn't ones to ever do anything, they are the ones who will spend their lives, sitting at the edge of the pool, spectating, and critisizing without ever attempting to get their feet wet, no matter how much motivation and encouragement you throw at them.
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    Feb 21 2012: it is like Walking the Talk!

    Well I follow it, and have some examples to put across!

    1. I never throw garbage or scrap on public roads, or public places and the same thing, I always preach and support to others as well..

    2. While I was in college, we were supposed to be in formal attire for our lectures, and so, I always made a point to be in formals, and then I used to ask my colleagues to come in formals!

    simple things, yet very important!
  • Jan 29 2012: because it is east to talk then to do.
    because we expect other do while we are talking
    because we are good in empty talks
    because there are rules that stops us from doing

    but who does? who takes actions?

    in an Apple ad it says: The ones who were crazy enough to think that they can change the world, they actually did.

    Think about it! Gandhi, MLK, etc didn't need a Facebook, Twitter, websites, logos, iphones and PC to start his nonviolent movement.