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may be we can utilize some law of string theory to make human can talk each other in distances just by whispering the message to the air.

formally telepathy is technique to receive and send message in distance, some technical development had been tried to make human can cope this ability. if string theory one of substance explanation is the ability of string to propagate through time - space, then this might be a clear basis for making a fix and replicable technique for coping telepathy.

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    Jan 21 2012: I LOVE the string theory, which we used for fun as kids!!! We put tin cans on both ends of a long string, the cans were the mouthpiece and the reciever, and YES, the string carried the sound!!! LOL:>)
    • Jan 21 2012: hehehe...thank you miss colleen.. but me and team will work to realize this idea.. heheee... and may be if we succeed you must be the first that will invite to try the technique..
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    Jan 21 2012: and a cell phone is not good enough?
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      Jan 21 2012: Of course it's fine Christophe, but not as much fun:>)
    • Jan 21 2012: not too humane may be...and the important thing is it's chitchat just by talking to the air..heheheee... thank you sir... we will do the best to make this viable and testable to others... thank you mr Christophe