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How can i use the internet to help people,bring change, and make a difference?

I dont know where to start from. All i know is that i want to help in a way that has a deeper effect. I want to do more than giving away money. I want to put my time, my heart and soul into helping people in a way that has a lasting effect.
My mind keeps going toward starting a movement of people who can wake up at 3 am and help somebody through the use of internet...so that distances don't matter and people from communities around the world can work together and make a difference.
I will be more than grateful if you would please give me any suggestions


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    Jan 22 2012: There are plenty of internet communities that contribute to helping its citizens. Maybe gear towards a previously established movement if you cannot dedicate to a self-made cause. All change needs people to act, and if you can be that action you will have met your goal. Being in the TED community is a large part of that, perhaps you can embellish on it further.

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