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How can i use the internet to help people,bring change, and make a difference?

I dont know where to start from. All i know is that i want to help in a way that has a deeper effect. I want to do more than giving away money. I want to put my time, my heart and soul into helping people in a way that has a lasting effect.
My mind keeps going toward starting a movement of people who can wake up at 3 am and help somebody through the use of that distances don't matter and people from communities around the world can work together and make a difference.
I will be more than grateful if you would please give me any suggestions

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    Jan 22 2012: There are plenty of internet communities that contribute to helping its citizens. Maybe gear towards a previously established movement if you cannot dedicate to a self-made cause. All change needs people to act, and if you can be that action you will have met your goal. Being in the TED community is a large part of that, perhaps you can embellish on it further.
  • Jan 21 2012: You have high ideals & that is a good thing, but there are many web sites out there to help folks in various ways and their success rate is not what they hoped for. Many folks say they want help but when they get it it's not what they expected & so turn it down. Many others don't follow through completely with the help-so fail. The few who do get help & follow the instructions & succeed are few. It's like New Years resolutions- you make em' & break em.
    Not many will want hard truths!
    Too many folks think their words will change things where in reality it's there hands. Not on a key board but going out & setting an example-getting your hands dirty -so to speak.
    You wanted a suggestion & that is mine.