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Two questions. Was the printed kidney FUNCTIONAL, and if the kid had a bladder transplant 10 years ago, why is this not more ubiquitous?!?!

I want to know if printers like the one displayed on the stage produce FUNCTIONAL ORGANS *READY* for transplantation, and also, if the kid who had the transplanted organ had the procedure done 10 YEARS AGO, why is this not a more common process? Why are we still harvesting organs from people?


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    Mar 10 2011: And he concluded with this para (but I ran out of space in the last post):

    The number of technologies in the field or regenerative medicine that are reaching patients is increasing, but most of these technologies are still going through the regulatory process so safety and efficacy can be assured before they are disseminated widely. Although flat, tubular and hollow organs are progressing to the clinic, solid organs are still years away from their use in patients.

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