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SOPA wants to modernize penal and enforcement policies, should we also modernize definition of Intellectual Property?

Anyone who has used any form of creative software has at some time utilized templates, loops, backgrounds, fonts or any number of preconceived designs in the process of generating their own work. Under our current standards these designs are considered intellectual property the same as the more traditional forms; books, music, movies ect. Typically, a company like Microsoft will allow use of the Helvetica font under its licensing of its product, Word, but does the nature of the explosion of reuse and reformation of designs to create entirely new and imaginative expressions demand rethinking of how we determine the value and definition of digital intellectual property?

Are there other areas of Copyright law that need similar scrutiny ?
(GMOs, Life Patents, Trademarks ect.)

Can the argument be made that we have outgrown Copyright law as a society?


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  • Feb 18 2012: You say unlike me, but I actually work in a form of media that has greatly benefitted from the Internet, music video. But I am very much into honestly, and the rule of law.

    I am NOT against the internet. I am against any form of stealing. Open source is fine because the makers of that code CHOSE to make it open source - it's their code, and it should be their choice..

    Software innovation in such applications as photo editing and 3D animation have stagnated compared to what they were some years ago, and if you factor in Moore's law they have slowed to a crawl. There is only so much you can do with a gang of volunteers, and young people will no longer study computer science if all they can do with their degree is share their work for free after a full shift at Starbucks.

    You are talking about Internet advances of a positive nature - there are many of those - I am only condemning piracy.

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