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SOPA wants to modernize penal and enforcement policies, should we also modernize definition of Intellectual Property?

Anyone who has used any form of creative software has at some time utilized templates, loops, backgrounds, fonts or any number of preconceived designs in the process of generating their own work. Under our current standards these designs are considered intellectual property the same as the more traditional forms; books, music, movies ect. Typically, a company like Microsoft will allow use of the Helvetica font under its licensing of its product, Word, but does the nature of the explosion of reuse and reformation of designs to create entirely new and imaginative expressions demand rethinking of how we determine the value and definition of digital intellectual property?

Are there other areas of Copyright law that need similar scrutiny ?
(GMOs, Life Patents, Trademarks ect.)

Can the argument be made that we have outgrown Copyright law as a society?


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  • Feb 17 2012: Blair Witch had a $30 000 000 advertising budget. Blair Witch worked because it told a story based around the use of home video cameras. There is a very limited number of stories that can be told that way, Paranormal Activity is another.

    You would't want to watch a romantic comedy shot that way, and most probably Oceans Eleven wouldn't be much of draw either. Blair Witch was a novelty, a one-off.

    "Natural Selection" exists in its pure form only outside civilizing forces. Otherwise, in the West,m we expect protection from unjust harm, theft and so on.
    • Feb 17 2012: Exactly, Minecraft spent nothing on marketing, yet gained millions of dollars. That wouldn't have been possible a few years ago as marketing is expensive, which favors projects with a huge budget over indie-projects. How can an indie-developed project even begin to compete with the big companies at their own game? They can't simply put, but on the internet they actually stand an honest chance.

      No, probably not, because an indie-developed romantic comedy would need to have some sort of creative content to back it up as they wouldn't be able to afford to place well respected actors as milk cows in those films.

      You know that's not true, the economical system is just a newer variation of the ecosystem. "Competition breeds innovation", so what better competition is there then The Pirate Bay? If a company can't adapt to changes and new technology it's a very high possibility that they will go out of business.

      There is no such thing as a supply/demand equation to determine the price when it comes to digital copies, so instead of trying to deny the fact that we simply cannot stop it now, why don't you try to figure out ways to exploit it? Just take a look at the iOS market, the profit that can be made is just ludicrous. When those Intellectual Properties costs less then a dollar and it's easy to use people actually think that it's more of an inconvenience to pirate it then just pay a minimal fee. Retrogression isn't a very valid method to fight piracy with as time indeed has a direction.

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