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SOPA wants to modernize penal and enforcement policies, should we also modernize definition of Intellectual Property?

Anyone who has used any form of creative software has at some time utilized templates, loops, backgrounds, fonts or any number of preconceived designs in the process of generating their own work. Under our current standards these designs are considered intellectual property the same as the more traditional forms; books, music, movies ect. Typically, a company like Microsoft will allow use of the Helvetica font under its licensing of its product, Word, but does the nature of the explosion of reuse and reformation of designs to create entirely new and imaginative expressions demand rethinking of how we determine the value and definition of digital intellectual property?

Are there other areas of Copyright law that need similar scrutiny ?
(GMOs, Life Patents, Trademarks ect.)

Can the argument be made that we have outgrown Copyright law as a society?


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    Feb 8 2012: I think that we should have anything that is more than 6 months old be available in a library for use. be it music, games, software or any other media with adequate facilities to use all of them without having to wait more than 1 week. being a fan should make you want to have your own copy and purchase your own machine to use it so your have personal access.

    everyone gets to have a look, no more reason for piracy (in the case of people getting it because they can't afford it or they just want to try before they buy, which is what 90% of people do) and the companies who make it, get to have a second wind of people buying their stuff after people have tried it (more sales!).

    why no one has done this is beyond me!

    edit: give 2 hour use of the media online for free! then they can go have a full look at it in the library if they already have the machine!

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