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How can I make my TEDx enticing for the students of our university?

I'm currently organizing a TEDx for my university, & I'm very excited about it! When I pitched the proposal to the Student Affairs dean, he asked me how I intended to lure the students in? I have many ideas but I'd like to hear from the awesome community here!


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    Jan 25 2012: I'm doing a university event in March 2012 - TEDxEducationCity. My event brings 6 universities together under one theme as it intersects with the many pillars of TED. I don't have an issue of organizing it, as I recently did a TEDxYouthDay event. Many of the students, faculty, and staff know about it and they jumped on board quickly to help organize it. My core team comes from the different universities. As David said, the theme does play a role. For my event, my theme centres around what these universities have contributed to help advance and promote knowledge sharing and new breakthroughs.

    Since you're living in Dubai, why don't you use TEDxDubai as an example for students and then tailor it to help organize a TEDx event at your university?

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