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How can I make my TEDx enticing for the students of our university?

I'm currently organizing a TEDx for my university, & I'm very excited about it! When I pitched the proposal to the Student Affairs dean, he asked me how I intended to lure the students in? I have many ideas but I'd like to hear from the awesome community here!


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    Jan 21 2012: its realy good you have TEDx in your university. i though TEDx really good event because we can speak up our mind freely and exchanging opinion. If you want make some event in your university probably you can asking students which event they want from TEDx. You may make questionare and let students fill on it and you will get their answered or you can make interview with some students to found out their interest.

    My personally i like hear story about famous people which is have contribution for change the world more better. i can learn a lot of value about hardworking,dream, effort and never give up. but it would be various to people about their interest.

    Well after you get your event dont forget asking them about feedback for your next event.keep success..:)

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