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How can I make my TEDx enticing for the students of our university?

I'm currently organizing a TEDx for my university, & I'm very excited about it! When I pitched the proposal to the Student Affairs dean, he asked me how I intended to lure the students in? I have many ideas but I'd like to hear from the awesome community here!

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      Jan 24 2012: yes @Mohammad but wouldn't you agree it is hard to finance flat screen at a university level? At the same time i was wondering does TED allow its videos to be played at an unofficial event" as you have mentioned at your university....????
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    Jan 25 2012: Dear Ayesha,

    When is your TEDx event and what name is it....I am also organizing TEDxUOWD in Dubai and asking the same questions you ask. can you send me an email lets meet up and brainstorm on some ideas.
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    Jan 25 2012: My first thought is: do you have a student on stage? He or she can be a great ambassador and can enrich your program in a great way.
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    Jan 25 2012: We are organizing TEDxUTN (University event). I think the key to a good event for students are:

    1. to involve the educational community before, during and after the event.
    2. collaboration.
    3. outreach activities.
    4. games and activities TEDxLab.
    5. interaction with simulcasts.
    6. have issues of concern.
    7. issues that might not be interesting to try to present them with a non-conventional ways.
    8. use a lot of social networks and maintain updates to the website.

    Best wishes from Argentina, we stay in touch!
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    Jan 25 2012: I'm doing a university event in March 2012 - TEDxEducationCity. My event brings 6 universities together under one theme as it intersects with the many pillars of TED. I don't have an issue of organizing it, as I recently did a TEDxYouthDay event. Many of the students, faculty, and staff know about it and they jumped on board quickly to help organize it. My core team comes from the different universities. As David said, the theme does play a role. For my event, my theme centres around what these universities have contributed to help advance and promote knowledge sharing and new breakthroughs.

    Since you're living in Dubai, why don't you use TEDxDubai as an example for students and then tailor it to help organize a TEDx event at your university?
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    Jan 23 2012: Theme is the best answer. What kind of theme you are going to select for your future of the event? Learn from other events' examples. Look for the way how they catch the theme from various things. When you take so much time to decide your theme, then you can invite speakers/performers who can express the theme efficiently. Good luck! :-)
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    Jan 23 2012: I want to be a organizer too.I have already make some plans.
    1.Try to find some students who love TED or want to share their ideas.
    2.When you find enough students,you should make up a TED like group. For convenience of organizing TEDx.
    3.Discuss what topic you want to show in conference and find the speakers you want to invite.
    4.Find the place where you want to hold the conference,such as classroom or lecture hall.
    5.Publicize your activities.
    6.Hold the conference,and don`t forget to record it.
    Of cause,this is the simplest process of holding a TEDx conference.
    Many details should pay attention.
    1.Don`t mixed it into so much commercial elements.Please refer to the rules of how to organize a TEDx Event.
    2.You should protect the TED`s copyright.
    3.Try to find some topics which are close to the students` living, working and studing.That will attract many people.
    4.Have some brainstorming,it`s funny!

    I hope you will success.
  • Jan 21 2012: I think your ist point of engagment is to discuss with a few of your classmates who might be interested in this project then from there you can strategize with them on how to bring more people into it . Then print questions but ist you have to Ask yourself what you like to hear and discuss, what can improve your today and put all this down and also in the questionnaire include if anyone has more contribution, the person or student can add to it. The success of any project is the people, so try and involve a few friends,, then by brainstorming them with your own ideas, they will come up with helpful tips for your questionnaire....hope this helps
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    Jan 21 2012: its realy good you have TEDx in your university. i though TEDx really good event because we can speak up our mind freely and exchanging opinion. If you want make some event in your university probably you can asking students which event they want from TEDx. You may make questionare and let students fill on it and you will get their answered or you can make interview with some students to found out their interest.

    My personally i like hear story about famous people which is have contribution for change the world more better. i can learn a lot of value about hardworking,dream, effort and never give up. but it would be various to people about their interest.

    Well after you get your event dont forget asking them about feedback for your next event.keep success..:)
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    Jan 20 2012: First, congratulations on taking the initiative to organize an event for your university!

    When ever I want to know what a group of people are thinking, I ask them. It may be best to ask (formally or informally) what the students of your university may be interested in hearing at a TEDx meeting and planning the event based on those outcomes.

    If I may be so bold to suggest something, one topic that is really hot is entrepreneurship. Maybe you have strong interest at your university in learning more about starting a tech company or green tech and you can focus on that.