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Questions :
1- How many people lived in your house when you were a child?
2- What work did your parents do ? How old were you when you first start working?
3- What was being a teenager like? Did you rebel against your parents the way teenager often do today?
4- Did you travel much as a child ? What places did you visit before you were an adult ?
5- What kind of skills did you learn when you were a child ? Were the skills same between boy and girl ?
6- Did everybody go to school ? What was the important course or subject did you study ?
7- What the average age did everybody get a married ? How did the wedding cost ? Who did pay ?

  • Jan 20 2012: 1961U.S.
    My dad was a salesman and my mom was a medical secratary.
    I started working at 12 years old.
    Being a teenager was fun, I did not rebel, we were friends.
    Just Viginaia Beach, Lake Erie and Niagra Falls.
    People skills and I only have brothers.
    Nobody went beyond High School.
    We all got married in our early twenties, we have all been divorced twice. The weddings cost a lot, we all paid what we could.
  • Jan 20 2012: 1965 - London, UK

    1 - Just me and my two parents (3).
    2 - Father was a telecommnications engineer, mother didn't work.
    3 - In my view there was much more rebellion. But then we had proper punk.
    4 - Didn't go abroad until I was 14, and that was a day trip with my school. Didn't go on first overeas holiday until I was 15. Prior to that we probably had a proper vacation only every 3 years.
    5 - Attended a boys school - so hard to know about gender differences - although I doubt the girl's school did woodwork, metalwork and rugby.
    6. Everybody went to school. Most important subject was, and still is, maths.
    7. Most married between 25 and 30 (I was 28). Wedding cost c $20,000 including honeymoon. Costs split between me and the bride's parents.

    Interested to know the reason you want to know these things.
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    Jan 20 2012: 1968
    mechanical engineer and housewife
    I was an angry antisocial teen I rebelled against my family and everything
    everywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii
    As a child ? II guess mainly camping skills and yes same for boys and girls
    My father was done with school, my mother got her Masters while I was growing up my sister graduated with a degree in physics and one in psychology, I took a degree in history
    I was married at age 30 and divorced I will marry my fiance in a year, my parents have been married 56 years and are in their 70's my sister will not marry I dont think. I paid for my own wedding and I think that my parents parents shared the cost with them