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What business models are outdated and what are the alternatives?

One example to begin with:

"SOPA & PIPA are not about copyright. It is about protecting a dying business model. (...)
This isn't about stealing for the movie industry bigwigs and their high priced lobbyists. It's about desperately trying to maintain the old familiar business model that afforded them a lifestyle of Armani suits, lunch at Nobu and limos. It didn't work for music and its not going to work for movies."

- David Meerman Scott


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    Jan 24 2012: Any business model that depends on control of markets and customers.
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      Jan 26 2012: I agree. It should be the other way around. At least, in that segment I find most of the existing 'healthy' business models as an example.
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      Jan 29 2012: Uday, the only method I can think for indirect remuneration is a benevolent fund.
      The benevolent fund is financed by those who recognise the value of creative activity. THis could be individual benefactors, companies or governments.
      The creative would be able to claim on the benevolent fund based on the time spent realising an idea and on the subscription (the number of copies made). Obviously, there is an entry barrier to the creative, because he/she has expended the effort - what sustained him/her during that time?
      I can see such a model working for matters currently covered by copyright (intellectual products that do not lead to actual food/shelter/water/security)
      But for intellectual products that lead to toolmaking (technology), the remuneration model might have to assess the potential value of the tool (things like methods, techiques and actual tool design).
      The conduct of such a fund would have to be absolutely open to scrutiny - with an open method for setting remuneration metrics against true value - keeping in mind that no one can eat a song .. and yet the singer must eat .. real physical items are consumed by artists now, there must be enough abundance to allow that .. it is already demonstrated.

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