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what is your opinion about balance spiritual emotion and intellectual?should we make balance between our spiritual emotion and intellectual?

well as we know people may disagree or agree about this statement.

First some people say someone who has balance spiritual emotion and intellectual can be easy control his/her life on every situation. because he/she can makes decision by his/her spiritual emotion, or etc.

Second some people say someone who has high intellectual its not guarantee he/she will feel peace on his/her heart probably he/she will feel angry or cant control his/her life.some of them life with depression or etc

On the fact we see someone who has high intellectual probably less take part on spiritual culture but we still find someone who has high intellectual become still want take part on spiritual culture.so what can we say about this?


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    Jan 22 2012: Hello mark thanks for your explanation..i like your point of view about self mastering..i realize human have their choice for life and i have been thinking about balance between emotion and spiritual, i guess meditate become the best way to do..its really help a lot to reduce our negative thinking..
    anyways i am still 19 y.o i still not yet passed my 20.

    best regards
    • Jan 22 2012: I suspect self mastery involves much more than what we can discuss in this limited space. Many of us humans get hurt in childhood or later and we develop hate and revenge, which develop bad relations with others. Notice, that many of the conversations here on TED involve relating to one another. If we are to have a better world we must become better inside ourselves. Becoming a balanced person means defining the balance for ourselves as best we understand life and relationships. Notice how badly we treat one another when we get out of balance! Emotion can be a bad trigger on a gun of bad relations.

      As a planetary group of beings, we have not learned teamwork. When people who are attempting personal improvement and who are wanting good relations work together on projects there is somewhat satisfactory result. Self restraint, that is not demanding selfishly of others in any way, is a tool of self mastery. As nations, we will learn self mastery the hard way! Self mastery leads to profound advances in teamwork. As societies and nations we cannot advance without mastering ourselves and teamwork.

      None of the above can happen without a healthy balance of emotions, religion and intellect and one more thing---desire. If we desire the right concepts of life, we have the will to improve and advance.

      I wish you well in your life career and with your good influence on others.

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