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The Facebook culture makes us expect that everything should be customized: coffee, music and soon education will follow this trend

Facebook is expected to reach 1 billion users this summer and the company is assumed to be getting ready for a $100B IPO.

While it’s hard to imagine that, 10 years ago, the social network didn’t exist, its growth (from 1 million to 1 billion users in 8 years) is not only a sign of what “has been” but more importantly of what “will be” in the tech industry over the next 10 years.

I think there are many industries going through intermediation - Publishing and Education.

There is more to my argument in my post @ http://onforb.es/zJ4It8

Do you think I'm too optimistic or too naive?


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  • Jan 20 2012: The ideas of mass customization go back to at least the 70s - but it's only modern manufacturing techniques and information flows that have enabled it. Right now, I can sit at my laptop, design a unique pair of Nike trainers, have my bank pay Nike's bank for them, and have the trainers (manufactured in the far east probably) delivered to my door in a couple of weeks.

    Facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media enables mass disintermediation. Manufacturers can deal directly with the end customer; politicians can talk directly to voters without having to go through the filter (and challenge) of traditional media; insurance companies can go direct to market without needing brokers in the middle; there are internet sites putting investors in touch with borrowers - bypassing the banks; the list is endless. I think you are absolutely right that disintermediation is a key theme in our society - and it's happening slowly abd organically without anyone really noticing. In 2040 we will look back on 2000-2020 and realise that those were the decades where the middle men disappeared and enabled the consumer to be served directly by the producer in 7 billion unique ways.

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