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Payment for ecologic services (and penalties for ecologic damages)

When I plant a tree, I'm investing time on it. Whem I water that tree, I'm again making an investment in time and money, that will often not pat off, economically.
Yet, I'm making a service to all mankind (because the tree will fight global warming). Shouldn't I be rewarded for it? You may say my reward is feeling I've done something for mankind, but we all know that's not what fuels the world.

So, what I'm proposing is that whoever does something that benefits everybody, by cleaning the world we live in, should be payed for that (that way we'll stimulate ecologic protection).
And also that everyone who damages the world we live in should pay (e.g. to those who protect the environment). That way we'll desencourage ecologic destruction.

Say whatever you're thinking about this!


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  • Jan 23 2012: great idea
    how do you make it a reality?
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      Jan 23 2012: I say political will. You make it a reality just like you apply a law or enforce a change in society: the ones with political power have to do the courageous step forward.

      Of course I don't see those narrow austerity-focused minds that lead us thinking about these issues that are simple but have profound consequences. New open-minded ecologic parties will have to emerge, so that this kind of ideas gets to the media and political pressure can work.

      We live in a time of history when it's up to all of us to propose the ideas and make them be heard. Petitions and new parties are good ways. But I honestly don't know who will launch them... Maybe one of us.

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