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Lets spread the word about programs out there that give kids of all ages a safe place to talk

I'd like to create a large network of programs that are geared to helping kids of all ages find where they can turn for help. School Tipline is a business that offers schools a program in which their students can submit anonymous tips straight to administrators or teachers phones' about being bullied, another student attempting suicide, drugs, alcohol, etc. They also have a foundation called Safe To Talk that helps raise funds so they can offer the School Tipline service for a year free to each school willing to participate. Are there any other programs like this? I would love to be apart of an entire network of organizations and businesses that are passionate about keeping our schools safer, and allowing students to find the help they need without fear of embarrassment.

  • Jan 26 2012: I think if you sign up schools so that the kids all sign on on a sucured computer from school with a logg on id. that only your corp has access to personal names, you could have social forums that kids could talk to each other and not have to worry about preditors also you could incorpate help lines of approved places. and a online help person to foward conserns to school staff with it being annyomous. this is a good one that should go to state or fereial legislation to make it mandatory.