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Service dimension in online interactive:

Beyond the zietgeist: Service has reduced and become subservient to IT capability and marketing strategy. Yet the contemporary marketplace demands service be placed in prime position. The time is right for new strategy and models - making online more relevant and better connected to customer needs - based on values, value and the inter-relationship of content and service.
Embedded social media: Websites should not simply be product links to social media and mobile technology. The start point must be embedded social media - making for better connection with customers hierarchy of needs. IT hardware / software, evolves but, deployment and utilisation is not progressive and has no long-term strategy for brand loyalty and sustainable revenue.
Critique: SEO principles and marketing campaigns are sophisticated but still direct potential customers to the website, on a price principle. Search engines and price comparison websites; offer neither decision help, counsel nor loyalty value. Best price can always be beaten, best technology enhanced, best marketing can be improved, but best company – service reputation - is the basis for customer loyalty and an organisation’s longevity.
New normal: Online offerings remain rooted in the past. Web design can be lazy, self serving and in its own comfort zone. Retail chains have not adapted, integrated or embraced the “new normal” trading pattern. Booking tools, portals, switches and web pages are based on core offerings. Many are generic - top menu horizontal / left vertical - tools offering commoditised service.
Service differential: Integrated and aligned models must future-proof to reflect evolving consumerism, contemporary style, website design; value added, best value, loyalty beyond price, experiential and social network connectivity.
Interconnect the tangible and intangible elements of product / offers / wiki-info and crowd sourcing. Combine the essence and experience of traditional retail service - you have the future-scape.

  • Jan 19 2012: Hi there. I’m new to TED.com... I think the general consensus of ecommerce websites look and feel the same. It’s sort of detached from the shopping experience and the online experience. If you ever remember the first time you shopped on the Internet and made that transaction, mine was eBay. But boy that was a good feeling! You know I’ve just parted with money and I’ve not even gone to the shop or caught the bus. Magic!!

    With that in mind I think the current model has become stale. I mean it was only 5/6 years ago that I was talking about how Internet movie streaming is going to be the next biggest thing. You know the movie industry needed to change its business models to generate revenue to compete. Welcome Netflix and LoveFilm :)