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Why do we worship people (athletes, actors, musicians, etc)?

I think that the value of athletes, actors and muscians is overrated. How is the cost of a ticket to a theater performance, concert or professional athletic performance justified? Why is it that so many people are willing to pay so much money to watch events such as this? Is it that something is lacking in our own lives or selves that we think we should pay more than $100.00 per event to watch someone sing, dance or play a sporting event?

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    Jan 21 2012: Hi Marcia.

    Someone once said that each of us has God-shaped hole in us. We seek to fill that hole, so we embrace pastimes which alleviate the empty feeling. We search for love from humans, pets etc. We worship stuff, & sing praise songs to our lover or our football team. When God fills the void all these things take their proper perspective.

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    Jan 21 2012: The materialistically minded individual needs entertainment and will buy it at any cost. The more enlightened one becomes the less the need to be entertained and to look up to others in any capacity.

    The materialistic individual in today's society is left wanting to fill a hunger that only spiritual realization and understanding can fill. Ipods, ipads, speed, travel, money etc,.,even other people cannot fulfill the human heart, only harmony with with Spiritual Reality can do that.
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      Jan 21 2012: "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need" Sermon on the Mount

      I was reminded of this quote when I read your entry. Also it shed light on another conversation being held: "Why do we chase happiness?"
  • Jan 20 2012: I don't.
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    Jan 20 2012: I think worshipping athletes is a learned trait. At least here in the U.S. it starts in middle school with our school teams we want to support...our school verses yours....GO PANTHERS!!!! Then the competitive spirit increases in high school....we wear school colors to sporting events, have homecoming week, etc.

    College brings about a whole new social atmosphere. The BIG GAME between University A and University B.....televised as part of a "Bowl" event, the tailgate party, the after the game party.... And finally, as adults, getting together with friends around the tv to watch the Super bowl, or if your income allows it attend the game in person.

    It is easy to follow the crowd. We want to be part of the group. If the group is going to the game, so are we. As we grow older, we follow that trend.

    I will say this however, I don't see attending a symphony performance or a theater performance the same as attending a sporting event. Although they are both entertainment; sitting and enjoying classical music, or a performance of Evita, might be something we consider cultural and appeals to a whole different type of crowd. Here, also though, appreciation for the art of performance is learned, then appreciated enough where one doesn't mind investing time and money to enjoy something that enlightens one's soul and brings a little culture to one's life.

    Some, endowed with common sense, which is not so common anymore, place more value on playing sports, then watching sports. It's better for the waist line, and it is definitely better for the pocket. The same thing cannot be said for the fine arts. Chances are we are not going to organize a group of friends to play Bethoven in our living room, or perform Romeo and Juliet. But we could buy a CD, or check the book out of the library right?

    Investing in concert tickets to watch one person sing...well, let's just say I rather listen to the radio.

    My humble opinion....
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    Jan 22 2012: (Coming from the perspective of an angry teenager) I feel that living vicariously through those that we idolize is the closest thing to actually being them. We choose to build these people up and put them upon a pedestal, thus allowing them to have this "God-like" status. And when opportunity allows, we magnify their faults in order to boost our own self-esteem (the whole "I'm not as bad as that" factor). Why do you think we pay no attention to a homeless person's degradation but our attention zeros in on "So and So's tummy bulge"?

    Obviously we use these people as a tool to satisfy some sort of need. Perhaps we get some of the benefits of being these people without actually being them. Perhaps we give these people so much power over our lives because we do not want the responsibility that comes with empowering ourselves. I personally feel that worshiping celebrities is the equivalent of drinking "near beer". We get a taste of their "fabulous" live's without the actual feeling of being them.
  • Jan 20 2012: The last 10 years have been very worrying in terms of "celebrity" worship - at least here in the UK and I believe there is similar in the US too. We have people who are famous for being famous, or for sleeping with someone famous, or for getting naked in the newspapers. There is no merit, no value, no worth, and no talent - other than a talent for self-publicity. And many young people see these faux-celebrities as role models. There is an entire generation who read trashy celebrity magazines instead of Scientific American, The Economist, and New Scientist. It's not good. At all.
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    Jan 20 2012: I think only part of the "we" is inclined to worship those you named.

    It looks to me like they are family traits. If parents act that way some children take on to do the same. In the past it were the Saints that they worshipped and now that has changed.
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    Jan 20 2012: Sorry. Don't do that so am not included in the whole we thing. There are people I admire. People who have a talent I admire or aspire to develop myself. For instance. Maya Angelou and William Shatner. I admire both of them for their ability to meter speech. I talk way to fast and would like to slow down so I watch closely and learn.
    But I am not gonna lay out that kind of cash to do so.
  • Jan 20 2012: Because we don't lose anything by worshiping someone. It's like wanting to be sombedy without taking the risk of doing it.
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    Jan 20 2012: I think its not about we make worship athletes,actors or musician.its depend which part you see about it?if you see from the part cost well you are right we should pay expensive to watched them but if you see from different point as entertainment you may have your own opinion about it. As human we need make allocate our money for a lot of things.

    i will tried make example you have money and you should allocate it for eating, living allowance and some of it for entertainment. human body need rest we cant force it just to work i thought entertainment become good healing when you feel stressed out or you need holiday. its good to have entertainment and refreshing our mind and body.
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    Jan 19 2012: The cost is relative; people charge what others are willing to pay - it doesn't really reflect the quality of the person, their skill, their talent, or even their worth (some people, I believe, are undervalued).

    In addition, most people don't realize that 100% of the money doesn't go to the entertainer. If you pay for an event, you're also paying the venue, production and support staff, marketing and promotion, and other overhead costs. You're not paying for the "worship" of the person, most people pay for the memory of the experience - time spent with loved ones, a chance to meet someone new, a chance to experience something in some place that is unique.

    The same argument could be made for anything, not just "people." Why do we pay so much more for designer brands, luxury cards, large homes, high quality food when there are other, cheaper options to choose from?
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    Jan 19 2012: because dream is almost as good as reality
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    Jan 19 2012: I think I pay exorbitant prices to attend an event so I can impress my friends. It is the closest I can get to being worshipped like the person I paid to watch being worshipped by all the others in attendance.