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Why do we worship people (athletes, actors, musicians, etc)?

I think that the value of athletes, actors and muscians is overrated. How is the cost of a ticket to a theater performance, concert or professional athletic performance justified? Why is it that so many people are willing to pay so much money to watch events such as this? Is it that something is lacking in our own lives or selves that we think we should pay more than $100.00 per event to watch someone sing, dance or play a sporting event?


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  • Jan 20 2012: The last 10 years have been very worrying in terms of "celebrity" worship - at least here in the UK and I believe there is similar in the US too. We have people who are famous for being famous, or for sleeping with someone famous, or for getting naked in the newspapers. There is no merit, no value, no worth, and no talent - other than a talent for self-publicity. And many young people see these faux-celebrities as role models. There is an entire generation who read trashy celebrity magazines instead of Scientific American, The Economist, and New Scientist. It's not good. At all.

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