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Why do we worship people (athletes, actors, musicians, etc)?

I think that the value of athletes, actors and muscians is overrated. How is the cost of a ticket to a theater performance, concert or professional athletic performance justified? Why is it that so many people are willing to pay so much money to watch events such as this? Is it that something is lacking in our own lives or selves that we think we should pay more than $100.00 per event to watch someone sing, dance or play a sporting event?


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    Jan 20 2012: I think its not about we make worship athletes,actors or musician.its depend which part you see about it?if you see from the part cost well you are right we should pay expensive to watched them but if you see from different point as entertainment you may have your own opinion about it. As human we need make allocate our money for a lot of things.

    i will tried make example you have money and you should allocate it for eating, living allowance and some of it for entertainment. human body need rest we cant force it just to work i thought entertainment become good healing when you feel stressed out or you need holiday. its good to have entertainment and refreshing our mind and body.

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