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What is success?

Some people think success is having achieved a certain income or educational level, some think it's peace or happiness. Educational institutions judge a student's success on passing certain standardized measures. So I wonder about what being successful really means.

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    Jan 23 2012: Success to me is when you're making a passionate dent in the world. Making a difference by doing work you absolutely love. Something that drives, motivates and excites you. Also, if what you're passionate about is also helping someone then you'll definitely feel successful. No amount of money or education can get you success
  • Jan 20 2012: I measure my success by how well I treat others. So far I'm very successful and have no enimies that I know of.
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    Jan 19 2012: The failure to fail.
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    Jan 19 2012: Achieving your goals or achieving more! If you achieve something without planning it before can be less rewarding then the knowledge that you fought for it. Luck only cannot make people successful - they wont respect themselves and that matters as well.