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Can we create "flying/hovering" cars with....

superfluid? (supercooled atoms that have become quantum fluid)

I'm still a little knew on the "superfluid" concept, but from what I understand, once some atoms have been supercooled down to several kelvins, it begins to crawl and float on it's own unless it's confined, and I see several youtube vids showing similar things. What do you think? If enough superfluid could be created, and controlled, could it be done? Do you think there might be any adverse side effects to using superfluid like that? And do you think it could possibly be done anytime in the next five years?

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    Jan 20 2012: Yes, that's something I wish I had some idea on. I mean, I have no idea what it costs to create supercooled atoms, lol. Are there any quantum physicists here on TED?
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    Jan 19 2012: I don't know... but that was my childhood dream (when i was 10)!

    I think it is possible in principle, though I think the costs are very high...