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Who from the past would have been a TEDSTER and what would their TEDTALK have been?

I have been looking at three works by three different people, The dialogue by Galileo, woodblock prints by Dürer and Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks. I am convinced that they most probably would have been TEDSTERS but what would their TEDTALK have been:

Galileo: Revelations beyond the human eye: A telescopic view on the universe

Dürer: Wood block revolutions: Taking art to the masses

DaVinci(so hard to decide!!! He might have been invited for 5-6 TEDTALKS but the one that came to mind): An insider's view on anatomy: The human body from inside.

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    Jan 21 2012: Albert Einstein comes to mind immediately: for his theories of relativity and their implications, of course; but also for his lifelong religious faith and how he reconciled that with scientific inquiry.
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    Jan 20 2012: I think Benjamin Franklin would certainly have been a Tedster. I think he would have talked about the need to balance work with fun, or something on creativity as a means to further science.