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Let us change the world by using TED to crowd source an idea. Part 2

TED is awesome. TED is all about great ideas. TED brings us all together.

In the first discussion, we created multiple ideas for ideal reasons. Now, we shall expand the best idea from that list, based on crowd vote, and expanding on it.

The idea was introduced by Jimmy Strobl and it is called Autonomous Traffic. According to the website, it involves electricity-powered cars that can be run by themselves. We, the public, should now expand this idea to make it a working model for us.

For more information on Autonomous Traffic go to http://autonomoustraffic.webs.com/


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  • Jan 25 2012: what about a platform for it? A new type of conferencing system where scientific ideas even of the ridiculous / science fiction ideas are actually talked of and collaborated upon together? P2P

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